JClub Catholic Book Fair: the Pauline solution for Catholic educators who want to provide good Catholic content to their students!

  • 2-3 weeks prior to the Book Fair
  • The Book Fair
  • Follow Up
  • Distributing the books
  • Pack sample returns
  • Announce your upcoming Book Fair through featured placement in school/parish communications (newsletter, website, marquee, etc.).
  • Display JClub Book Fair posters in highly visible areas throughout the school/parish.
  • Distribute copies of the Letter to Teachers to all faculty members.
  • Distribute copies of the Letter to Parents/Guardians to teachers for their students to bring home.
  • Schedule the time for each classroom to visit the fair. 15- to 20-minute periods generally allow sufficient time for the students to browse through the materials and choose the items that they'd like to purchase.
  • If possible, schedule a Parents’ Night during the Book Fair. Experience shows that parents like to browse, become familiar with, and finalize their children's purchases. JClub magazines/Student Order forms can be made available to parents.
  • Provide each teacher with a copy of the Teacher/Homeroom Tally Form.  

Expect to receive your display samples and JClub Magazine/Student Order Forms two to three weeks prior to your Book Fair date.

  • Set up four tables in an area large enough for students to walk around. On these tables, display the sample items with the table signs according to grade levels indicated on the Student Order Form featured in the JClub Magazine.
  • When the classes visit the JClub Book Fair, provide each student with the JClub Magazine/Student Order Form. As the students find what they like, they check off the item(s) that they wish to purchase on the Student Order Form (younger children will need assistance with this task).
  • Students bring home their marked Student Order Form for approval from their parents/guardians.
  • The students return their approved Student Order Form along with the proper payment amount (in cash or check made payable to the school/parish) to their teacher.
  • Each teacher collects the Student Order Form and payment from individual students, verifying that the payment amount is correct. Then the teacher takes an inventory of the total quantity ordered for each item and the payments collected, recording it on the Teacher/Homeroom Tally Form.
  • The Book Fair contact person receives all the Teacher/Homeroom Tally Forms, corresponding Student Order Forms, and payments.
  • The Book Fair contact person verifies that correct payment has been applied and deposits the money obtained from the Book Fair in the school/parish’s bank account.
  • The Book Fair contact person uses the Teacher/Homeroom Tally Form received from each teacher to calculate total quantities, records these on the Master Order Form, and faxes the completed form to JClub Book Fair at Pauline Books & Media for processing: 617-524-8035.

PLEASE NOTE: (1) The display samples may be applied to fulfill your orders.       (2) A spreadsheet of the Master Order Form containing formulas may be emailed upon request.  

  • The Book Fair contact person retains the Teacher/Homeroom Tally Forms with the corresponding Student Order Forms until the books arrive at the school for distribution.

PLEASE NOTE: Upon receiving your order, Pauline Books & Media will ship the ordered items to the Book Fair contact person at the school as soon as possible.

  • After receiving the total school order, the Book Fair contact person matches the orders according to classrooms using the Teacher/Homeroom Tally Form (or by individual student orders). The orders are then distributed within classrooms.
  • When the Book Fair has ended, the unsold sample books are carefully packed up and returned to Pauline Books & Media along with a copy of the completed Master Order Form and Evaluation Form (see Pack sample returns for further instructions).
  • The school/parish will receive the final documents: usually two invoices for the display samples kept & additional orders shipped and a letter which will indicate the total cost of all orders minus the applicable discount plus the shipping charge for additional orders. 

           NOTE: The discount does not apply to specially priced titles.

  • The minimum retail amount requirement to be eligible for a 30% discount & free samples’ shipping is determined by your school’s enrollment:                                                                            

      300+ students-$ 550   150-299 students-$ 450   149 students or less-$ 350

  If the minimum retail amount is not met:

       (1) Your school/parish will receive only a 20% discount (not applicable to

            specially priced titles).

       (2) The school will be required to pay the freight fee for the samples items

            sent to and from Pauline Books & Media.

  • The school pays the invoices, making the check payable to: Pauline Books & Media.

Sample returns must be in resalable condition: no bent or marked covers and/or pages.  The covers of the books should not be marred for any reason. The school will be charged 50% of the retail price for product received in unsalable condition. 

Helpful Tips for packing sample returns well:

  • Using the Master Order Form, take an inventory of the sample books, CDs, and DVDs being kept and returned. IMPORTANT: Include a copy of this form with the items being returned so we may bill your account accordingly.

PLEASE NOTE: Use the original box in which the samples were sent, or use new cardboard boxes that are well-taped at the bottom.

  • Package CDs and DVDs in the original cardboard case that they were shipped in and package books lying flat in the box (not standing on their sides).
  • Group similarly sized books together to lessen the potential for damage during shipment.

PLEASE NOTE: Fill the boxes as much as possible, leaving adequate space for closing and sealing (two boxes are generally sufficient for packaging). 

  • Occupy the empty spaces in the boxes with unprinted paper, package stuffing paper, bubble wrap, or Styrofoam “packing peanuts.”  DO NOT use newspaper or similarly printed material, as the ink rubs off on the books, ruining them. Shake the box to confirm that product remains in place and will not shift back and forth in the box.
  • Place a large piece of cardboard or a few sheets of thick, non-inked paper on top of the books before taping the lid closed. This protects the top layer of product.
  • After taping up the boxes, affix the provided UPS return label(s) with our mailing address (below) and your return address.
  • If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Sr. Lily at 1-800-876-4463 or email jclub@paulinemedia.com.
JCLUB Book Fair Sample Returns
Pauline Books and Media
50 Saint Paul's Avenue
Boston, MA 02130