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Catholic Funny Fill-Ins



Catholic Funny Fill-Ins

If you’re looking for some fun for family road trips, get-togethers, youth group parties, or just a great evening at home, then Catholic Funny Fill-Ins is for you! Based on other popular fill-in-the blank word games, Catholic Funny Fill-Ins takes that concept and uses it to create fun ways to learn about our faith. At the end of each story is a section titled “Did You Know?” that fills it out with saintly profiles, interesting trivia, and creative ways for the whole family to become closer to Jesus and His Church.

The stories cover everything from tales of St. Francis to the choosing of a new pope, from cleaning the church to a hilarious parish outing, and from finding lost objects to a chance to ride on Noah’s Ark. All of these figure in to a set of wonderfully crazy opportunities for laughter and growth.

  • provides opportunities to learn about the faith through fun
  • integrates Catholicism into daily life
  • whimsical stories appeal to both children and adults
  • can be played anywhere

Softcover, 64 pgs, Ages 9 to 11.


ISBN 9780819816757   Written by Karen and Tommy Tighe; illustrated by Jason Bach
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