JClub Catholic Book Fair: the Pauline solution for Catholic educators who want to provide good Catholic content to their students!

  • 7 days prior to the Book Fair
  • Follow Up
  • Distributing the books
  • Each student will be provided with the JClub Magazine/Student Order Form. It may be a good idea while explaining the process, to give students time to review the magazine and perhaps check off items they are interested in purchasing on the Student Order Form (younger children may need assistance with this task).
  • Students bring home the JClub magazine with their marked Student Order Form for approval from their parents/guardians.
  • Students return their approved Student Order Form along with the proper payment amount (in cash or check made payable to the school/parish to their teacher.
  • Each teacher collects the Student Order Form and payment from individual students, verifying that the payment amount is correct. Then the teacher takes an inventory of the total quantity ordered for each item and the payments collected, recording it on the Teacher/Homeroom Tally Form.
  • The Book Fair contact person receives all the Teacher/Homeroom Tally Forms, corresponding Student Order Forms, and payments.
  • The Book Fair contact person verifies correct payment has been applied and deposits the money obtained from the Book Fair in the school/parish's bank account.
  • The Book Fair contact person uses the Teacher/Homeroom Tally Form received from each teacher to calculate total quantities, records these on the Master Order Form, and faxes the completed form to JClub at Pauline Books & Media for processing: 617-524-8035.
  • The Book Fair contact person retains the Teacher/Homeroom Tally Form with the corresponding Student Order Forms until the books arrive at the school for distribution.

PLEASE NOTE: Upon receiving your order, Pauline Books & Media will ship the ordered items to the Book Fair contact person at the school as soon as possible.

  • After receiving the total school order, the Book Fair contact person matches the orders according to classrooms using the Teacher/Homeroom Tally Form (or by individual student orders). The orders are then distributed within classrooms.
  • Your school/parish will receive an invoice for the orders shipped which will indicate the total cost of all orders minus a 30% discount plus shipping.

           NOTE: The discount does not apply to specially priced titles.

  • The school pays the invoices, making the check payable to: Pauline Books & Media.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Sr. Lily at 1-800-876-4463 or email jclub@paulinemedia.com.