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Between Friends – The Rich Man and Lazarus

Between Friends – The Rich Man and Lazarus

A letter from Jesus 

Read in a children’s Bible or from a missalette: Luke 16:19–31

Dear Friends,

Sometimes people think that money, fashions, and expensive games are the most important things in life. These kinds of things can’t bring us lasting happiness, though. The way we treat others and help them, when we can, does have lasting consequences—both in this life and in heaven.

There are people all around us who could use a little love each and every day. It is up to us to be generous with the things we have.

I told my followers this important story—a sort of wake-up call! Let me know what you think about it.

Your friend, Jesus

In my heart …

Dear Jesus, help me to be generous with the good things I have. Help me to be sensitive to other kids who may be less fortunate than I am.

Image caption: Lazarus and the Rich Man by Jacopo Bassano (1550); public domain






Between Friends