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Saint Rose of Viterbo

Saint Rose of Viterbo

Rose was born in 1235 in Viterbo, Italy. She lived at the time when Emperor Frederick had conquered land that belonged to the Church. Rose's special mission was to make the people of her own city and nearby aware of how important it is to remain faithful to the Holy Father. And this she did when she was just a teenager.

In fact, Rose was only eight years old when our Blessed Mother told her while she was sick that she was to join the third order of Saint Frances. Our Lady also told Rose to give good example by her words and actions. Slowly the girl gained her health. She began to think more and more about how much Jesus suffered for us and how much sin was displeasing to him. She prayed and made sacrifices to show Jesus how much she loved him.

Later on, this daring girl began to preach in the streets of the city. She told people to do penance so that the land would not be taken away from the Church and that they would have the courage to let the emperor know that that was not right to do.  So many people listened to the saint.  

For two more years Rose preached with such success that the authority of the pope was recognized by all of the people. The ruler not being pleased sent Rose and her parents out of the city. However, he died not to long after.  

Back in Viterbo, the saint was not permitted to become a nun, so she returned to her own home. There she died in 1252, when she was only seventeen. She is buried in the cloister convent of the Poor Clares in Viterbo. Her body is still preserved and venerated there to this day.

In her very short life St. Rose did much good. We can ask her to help us be as energetic and courageous and to love the Church today as much as she did.








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