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Everyday Grace:  When Things Stop Making Sense

Everyday Grace: When Things Stop Making Sense

These days, many people feel as if the world were spinning out of control. We’re assaulted by news that isn’t just bad, but is particularly horrible, every time we turn on the radio or consult the internet. Some days it feels completely overwhelming. How can God allow things to get so far out of hand?

When you’re feeling like nothing is making sense anymore, here are three things you can try:

  • Pray about it. Prayer changes things. Prayer changes us. God has arranged his world so we have the ability to make significant choices, some good and some bad, and we can often discern his will when we open ourselves to it. Remember the words of Padre Pio: “Pray, hope, and don’t worry. Worry changes nothing. God is merciful and will hear your prayer.”
  • Do something locally. The world is a vast place, and changing it is a tall order. But you can make a difference locally. Support a local political candidate of your choice. Volunteer at a local shelter. Encourage your community to reuse and recycle. Support your local parish. This is the level at which you can effectuate change and help the world make sense.
  • Educate yourself. If you simply accept what you hear, then there’s reason to be discouraged. But choose something that bothers you, or excites you, and learn all about it. Explore it from different viewpoints. Expand your horizons. The world still might not make sense, but you’ll have gotten a little control over at least your understanding of it.

We live in difficult and confusing times. So did Christ; so did many of the saints of the Church. For some reason, God has called you to live in these times. Meet that challenge thoughtfully and prayerfully, and you can make a difference.